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Since 2000, our services have helped individuals increase their employability or expand their opportunities for promotion. The quality of any business will be enhanced by identifying and delivering targeted training solutions, helping to improve the potential of any company’s biggest asset – their staff.

We offer accredited courses but also specialise in bespoke and blended training, tailored for your needs, including eLearning where appropriate.

We look forward to working on your behalf and contributing to the success of your organisation.


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It is always a good idea to step back and look at the bigger picture, but in a busy workplace the ‘should do’ tends to get left for another day, only to be considered if the business starts to suffer. HSH can help you get ahead of the game carrying out unobtrusive reviews, identifying issues regarding:

  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Health & Safety management
  • Food safety compliance
  • Food production and service management (Catering, manufacturing or retail)
  • Customer service
  • Training Strategy

Where does training come on your list of priorities?

Staff training is a balancing act. Too little and a company can become stagnant and out of touch or can become legally non-compliant. Too much and training can be seen as ‘training for training’s sake’ or as a reward for inefficiency. The time spent honing the skills pool of your organisation is best seen as an investment, with longer term benefits, rather than a cost.

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These sessions have been designed to promote the necessary skills to develop efficient personnel and effective teams.

We offer morning, afternoon or twilight sessions which can be delivered one-to-one or as a group.  The sessions can be delivered in-house with content adjusted to suit the specific requirements of you or your business.

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Even the most conscientious workplace accidents can happen and people can sometimes fall ill. Our courses are for those who have an interest in First Aid through to those who have responsibility for First Aid at their place of work, sports club or event.

Workplace legislation requires the provision of adequate equipment, facilities and procedures. Trained First Aid personnel are key to this planning. A business must assess what training is required and what level is needed to adequately cover each work area and possibly each shift. Many small firms may only need to make minimal arrangements to comply, dependant on the number of staff employed and the level of risk of any particular job.

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It is often assumed that the practice of good food hygiene is just a matter of common sense. However, statistics indicate that there is a void between knowledge and actual practice. In reality, the level of food poisoning in the UK is still far too high. Raising awareness of the responsibility food businesses and individual food handlers to produce safe food is critical.

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Health & Safety legislation requires workplace hazards and risk to be measured, managed and reduced. Ultimate responsibility rests with business proprietors but every individual has a personal legal duty to maintain legal standards. Not only is designing and maintaining a safe workplace good professional practice, there are other potential gains too, such as preventing the possible legal costs involved if work-related accidents or ill-health occurs. Such hidden liabilities can easily damage profitability and may even jeopardise the future of any organisation. By implementing an efficient Health & Safety system your business could benefit by reducing injuries and absenteeism whilst simultaneously protecting profits.

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Whether a publican, restaurateur, club owner, corner shop proprietor or supermarket manager. Under UK licensing legislation, it is the duty of all those involved with or in the sale of alcohol to the public to do so legally and responsibly. Every proprietor should aspire to confidently run orderly and efficient premises.

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This would seem to be an obvious starting point for the successful tutor, but not one that is always given much thought. In all areas of life, we benefit from receiving knowledge or coaching from those with a skill to pass on, or from those experienced in a trade or discipline. Unfortunately it is sometimes assumed that those who have the skill and experience also have the ability to impart this information to others.

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“We have been using HSHTC for several years and to date the service and training we have received from them has been first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
The feedback from our staff is always positive and the courses are very interactive and include relevant up to date information.”
Aura Burghiu, City Cruises
“HSHTC have been providing high quality training to support our business for over ten years now and we have always found them to be friendly, reliable and always willing to be flexible to support us. It has been a pleasure working with them during my time with the company and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other employers.”
HSHTC’s trainers, and office team alike, are superb! We have used hshtc as our training providers for the past 2 years for not only are they reliable, friendly and swift, but they are also extremely price competitive when comparing the market. We consistently have great feedback from co-workers stating how engaged they were and how they thoroughly enjoyed their training. This feedback is supported by the very high pass rates consistently achieved.
HSHTC also provide bespoke training courses to meet the customers’ needs and are excellent at tailoring to the educational requirements of the delegates. Bookings are dealt with swiftly and great customer service is always provided. Training that has been delivered both onsite and at the hshtc’s head office in Billericay, Essex has been delivered to equally high standards.
We would not hesitate to recommend hshtc to any company as a very professional and competent training supplier.
“The Learning and Achievement Training Team have worked with HSHTC Ltd. for several years now. We have always found them professional, efficient and good value for money. They deliver courses across our diverse clients base and their training always rates very highly in delegates’ feedback.”