Qualifications for the Licensed Trade

Whether a publican, restaurateur, club owner, corner shop proprietor or supermarket manager. Under UK licensing legislation, it is the duty of all those involved with or in the sale of alcohol to the public to do so legally and responsibly. Every proprietor should aspire to confidently run orderly and efficient premises.

There are other, equally sound reasons to implement professional training for staff involved in the service and sale of alcoholic beverages: Both individual staff members and the proprietor of the premises are potentially liable for breaches or contravention of legislation.

There are also responsibilities under Health & Safety legislation to protect the well-being of staff and customers.

High quality Qualifications for the Licensed Trade training by the experts at HSH

HSH courses deliver appropriate training for you and your team members including service staff, bar staff and Designated Premises Supervisors in all areas of the licensed trade. In England and Wales, the Award for Personal License Holders qualification is needed to support an application to the local authority for a personal license.