Conflict Avoidance and Resolution

HSH attendance certification

This course can be delivered either as a half or one day workshop. It is designed to identify the negative effects of anger, aggression and violence in the workplace and how situations may be avoided or managed.  It explores the possible source of conflict or frustration whether spoken or perceived, originating from the customer or from within the workplace itself.

What is included in Conflict Avoidance and Resolution training?

The course covers:

  • The factors that can contribute to a confrontational situation.
  • Reporting and recording of any incidents of confrontational behaviour.
  • Maintaining a safe working environment and how the risk of conflict can be assessed
  • Using of appropriate methods to de-escalate a confrontational situation
  • Identifying aggressive signals and behaviour
  • The use of verbal and non-verbal signals as a means of conflict minimisation
  • Using observational, listening and communication skills to defuse conflict.

Assessment of competence is through on-going knowledge assessment by trainer.