Trainer Training

Before anyone can teach effectively they must understand how individuals learn.

This would seem to be an obvious starting point for the successful tutor, but not one that is always given much thought.  In all areas of life, we benefit from receiving knowledge or coaching from those with a skill to pass on, or from those experienced in a trade or discipline. Unfortunately, it is sometimes assumed that those who have the skill and experience also have the ability and confidence to impart this information to others.

Encourage others to learn with HSH’s Trainer Training courses!

The use of good communication skills, motivating and inspiring others to do the same, makes for a more effective individual. This is true whether you are, or aspire to be, a teacher, trainer or private coach, whether you are mentoring an individual, delivering a lecture, teaching a class, addressing an audience or chairing a meeting.

HSH trainer training courses are delivered with the emphasis on the practices of effective learning and communication and will be useful for anyone with an interest in how people can be encouraged to learn from an early age and throughout life or understand how and why they may have limited their learning abilities.