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Online health and safety training from HSH can reduce risk, absenteeism and expense in a time and cost efficient manner. Companies are required by Health & Safety legislation to measure, manage and reduce hazards and risks in the workplace; no UK businesses are exempt from this. Responsibility ultimately lies with business proprietors but it is the duty of every member of staff or contractor to maintain legal standards. Designing and maintaining a safe workplace is good professional practice and reduces the risk of high legal costs in the event of an accident or ill-health. It is best to tackle these hidden liabilities as they have the potential to damage profitability and jeopardise your organisation’s future.

We have a range of health and safety e-learning courses on offer

Our courses cover many workplace Health & Safety issues and have been designed to raise awareness among teams and individuals.

The HSH team can advise you on the most appropriate programme for your particular business.

The e-learning health & safety options available are as follows:

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