Online Emergency First Aid (Refresh) Training

Online emergency first aid (refresh) training is convenient and time saving as HSH offer flexible elearning courses that are designed with your business demands in mind.

The course covers many modules including CPR, bleeding, sprains, shock, stroke, choking, incident management, record keeping and much more! These are all important elements of first aid and by being trained to handle emergency situations (in the absence of a more appropriate person) you are in a better position to help. You may not think you’ll ever be faced with a serious or even a minor injury but it is always best to be as prepared as possible.

Be better prepared with HSH’s online emergency first aid (refresh) training

Our emergency first aid refresher course helps you to prepare for various situations where your assistance may be needed; by assessing casualties who need priority treatment their chances of survival are improved a great deal. HSH believe that this course is a great way for anyone, including qualified first aiders, to keep information fresh in their minds with regular memory ‘refreshers’ that ensure you are always acting in the most appropriate manner for any given scenario. Gathering important and accurate details about an incident means that the right information is then passed on to the emergency services. With these details, a team is better able to act quickly and carry out the necessary first aid in a safe manner.

Elearning is a great way to learn about first aid from our professional tutors

Choosing elearning is a wise decision as it is a convenient way to take your course without having to leave your home or office. As long as you have internet access, our courses can be  completed from just about anywhere, perfect for busy schedules! All training is one-to-one and led by an experience tutor that specialises in your chosen subject. To book your online emergency first aid (refresh) training with HSH today, contact our friendly team.

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