Award for Personal Licence Holders

Highfield Qualifications Accreditation

This one-day course leads to a qualification which is required when application is made to your local licensing authority for a personal licence to retail alcohol in premises, including any venue or site where alcohol is sold:

Pubs – Bars – Hotels – Restaurants – Off Licences – Supermarkets – Convenience Stores – Sports & Social Clubs – Night Clubs – Entertainment Establishments – Leisure Parks – Casinos

What is covered by HSH’s Award for Personal Licence Holders training?

The course covers:

  • The Licensing Authority
  • Licensable activities
  • Licensing Objectives
  • Responsible retail sale of alcohol
  • Temporary Events Notice
  • Police Powers
  • Protection of Children
  • Operating Schedules
  • Role and Responsibilities of the Designated Premises Supervisor

A course-book will be supplied prior to the course date to allow some home study before attending the training day. Practice questions can be set if required.

Certification is achieved by the successful completion of a multi-choice question paper.

Upcoming Course Dates

  • 18th September 2019
  • 17th October 2019
  • 27th November 2019
  • Wednesday 26th February 2020
  • Tuesday 24th March 2020
  • Monday 20th April 2020
  • Thursday 14th May 2020
  • Wednesday 17th June 2020
  • Tuesday 21st July 2020
  • Wednesday 19th August 2020
  • Tuesday 22nd September 2020
  • Monday 19th October 2020
  • Friday 27th November 2020

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