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A Legionella management course gives you extensive background information and is designed to help you understand how to prevent and control the risks related to water systems. Being informed and prepared allows you to stay one step ahead with effective systems and working practices. Knowing about the risks associated with Legionella is incredibly important since this knowledge helps to develop a control programme which can be launched independently. Alternatively, you are able to confidently commission others to carry this out by making the right decisions as a result of your training.

Learn Legionella management essentials online with HSH

Training with HSH is fast and tailored to fit in with your busy schedule, making our courses very convenient for anyone looking for Legionella management training. We are most at risk from Legionella exposure when around water stored or used in a man made water system, as this is where breathable water droplets can be created and transmitted. It is your duty as an employer, landlord or person responsible for premises control to be aware of the law and know how to comply, as well as reviewing your actions. A lack of training or communication can lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, which is why risks must be competently assessed and controlled.

Competitively priced, comprehensive Legionella management courses online

With HSH you will be trained in a safe, welcoming learning environment where individual needs and circumstances are always taken into account. Formalities are kept to a minimum and we are proud to be an accredited RoSPA, IATP, CPD and IIRSM approved business, ensuring the best quality training possible. Courses are memorable, packed with information, clearly delivered and will keep employees, employers and your business on a whole both safe and compliant. Our efficient and flexible training courses minimise productivity loss and high legal costs, making Legionella training a worthwhile investment.

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