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All hazards and risks in the workplace need to be measured, managed and reduced according to Health and Safety legislation. This law applies to all UK businesses and while business proprietors are responsible for ensuring the legal standards are met, it is also the personal legal duty of every individual within the business. Maintaining a safe workplace is good professional practice and helps to reduce or prevent legal costs that could arise if someone has a work-related accident. Hidden liabilities can potentially damage your business’ profitability so it is wise to implement an effective Health & Safety system to help reduce injuries and absenteeism.

All industries benefit from Health and Safety training

HSH provide our clients with a learning environment which is welcoming to all, taking any concerns you may have very seriously and doing all we can to ensure your individual needs are met. Our Directors are available to contact at any time and your comfort is always assured. With us, formalities are kept to an absolute minimum and there are just a couple of definitions to be aired prior to commencing your course; these are for the benefit of both parties. The professional team here at HSH aim to work on your behalf and contribute to the continuing success of your business; we do this by offering great value training courses that suit a wide range of different industries. The structure of our online Health and Safety courses has been specifically designed to introduce the principles of good working practice and raise awareness of many Health and Safety issues among both management teams and individuals.

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Employers and employees benefit from training as it enables them to carry out their work in a safe, healthy manner with an emphasis on understanding their duty of care. Commercially accountable organisations require high quality for the lowest possible price and we strongly believe that we outperform all competitors on a like-for-like basis which is why we welcome healthy competition. Retail, manufacturing and service industries train with us because of our positive approach and endorsements from appropriate organisations and officiating bodies. We are a fully recognised and accredited training provider, offering audit services and skills development consultancy which are not only great quality but budget friendly too.

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