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HSH recognises the value of safe, welcoming learning environments and will always endeavour to take into account any individual needs requiring specific circumstances. If you have any concerns whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact any Director of HSH. Our discretion and your comfort are assured.

We look forward to working on your behalf and contributing to the continued success of your organisation. Our aim is to keep formalities to a minimum though, as you would expect, there are a few definitions that will need to be aired before we can commence. These exist for the comfort of both parties.

Equal Opportunities

hshtc Ltd is committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

It is our aim to train candidates in such a way that no bias will prejudice those from backgrounds that differ from those of the staff concerned.

If our usual venues prove to be inappropriate for students with disabilities, we are always willing to consider a change to suitable venue to meet individual needs, where reasonably practicable.

hshtc Ltd recognises the value of a safe and welcoming learning environment. We therefore endeavour to treat both trainers and course participants with respect and dignity, treat them fairly with regards to all assessments, choices and procedures, and to give them encouragement to reach their full potential.

Therefore we aim to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs, religious beliefs or practices, disability, marital status, family circumstances, sexual orientation, spent criminal convictions, age or any other inappropriate ground.

hshtc Ltd requires all customers and colleagues to recognise their responsibilities under this policy and to act in accordance in all their dealings with each other.

If, whilst taking part in one of our courses, you feel you have been disadvantaged or discriminated against in any way either by a member of staff, fellow candidate, the learning process or physical environment, please let us know as soon as possible.

Our discretion is assured