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Our preferred policy is for openly transparent trading and we have no desire to complicate matters unnecessarily. However, should you require to familiarise yourself with the HSH Equal Opportunities Policy, please click here.

We look forward to working on your behalf and contributing to the continued success of your organisation. Our aim is to keep formalities to a minimum though, as you would expect, there are a few definitions that will need to be aired before we can commence. These exist for the comfort of both parties.

Should you decide to appoint HSH – and we hope that you do, a copy of our Terms of Business will be offered to you for consideration. Alternatively you may wish to view our Terms & Conditions.

Accept no substitutes

All wise commercially accountable organisations will be seeking the highest possible value from the least costly outlay. Living off the fat of the land is no longer a viable option and, as budgets grow ever tighter, lower priced training options will inevitably seem more attractive.

Part of our positive approach at HSH is that we never shrink from competitiveness. In fact we see healthy competition as a good thing and we are always – always – content to be compared with others in our field because we know that wherever such comparisons are made on a like for like basis, HSH passes every test, every time.

If you take the view that your organisation deserves a high quality future rather than a cut-price fix – we should talk.

Our twelve point pledge - your guarantee of service and satisfaction.

  1. High standards. HSH is a fully recognised and accredited training provider.
  2. Big enough. We are big enough to meet and maintain industry standards.
  3. Yet small enough. We are small enough to offer each client personal attention.
  4. High values. We believe in virtues and values like honesty, integrity and trust.
  5. Direct contact. HSH clients have direct access to those who run the business.
  6. Effective. We don't believe in going through the motions – we pursue results.
  7. Integrity. We only suggest courses that are apt for you – not those apt for us.
  8. High quality. HSH Trainers are appropriately qualified professionals.
  9. Accountability. Our Directors take personal responsibility for all that we provide.
  10. Real experience. Our trainers have first-hand experience in the topics covered.
  11. Focussed. Rather than sell everything we focus on the areas in which we excel.
  12. High value. Our prices are based on honest good value not unrealistic promises.